Record boxes

Record boxes

Considering record collections are such a source of pride and indeed cost, it beggars believe that for decades we have relied upon a sub-standard and not designed for purpose solution (we all know what I am referring to) which is 1, restricted primarily to storing the 12″ variety. 2, far too deep, setting the records back too far. 3, no back boards to prevent records being pushed up against the wall. 4, only one way to store the records (fine if you are an audiophile but not so much for the DJ fraternity! Oh and did I mention the harsh spine damaging 90 degree edges?

Our record boxes are available to cater for 7″ or 12″ records formed of individual cubes that you can purchase over time inline with your growing collection and can be used in two orientations supplied built up and professionally joined ready to go. Also the internal edges have been created with 45 degree bevelled edges (not just because it looks pretty) to spread the load on record spines and prevents value-reducing damage.

Another clever feature is the ability to order with a regular depth snuggly housing the records or DJ mode where the backboard is set forward and allows the records to sit proud of the front or top face (depending upon orientation of use).

The process

We are fully transparent at WoodWRX and happy to share our methods and look to refine procedures all the time.

There are simpler and more cost effective ways to join these record boxes but utilising bevelled edges and domino mortice and tenon joinery allows us to avoid metal fixings and fastenings all together whilst providing detailed joinery and exceptional strength.

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