Radiator cabinets

Radiator cabinet styles

A beautiful and practical way to hide unsightly radiators and pipework. Turn an eye sore into a feature.

A variety of designs and material are available and we are happy to discuss any challenges or awkward situations to overcome. I have personally made in excess of 3000 radiator cabinets in my career as this is what I used to specialise in back in the 90s when my work was feature in the 25 Beautiful Homes magazine! (showing my age…and experience though!).

As standard our radiator cabinets and created and supplied in heat resistant MDF with MDF grilles or slats. We are happy to discuss alternative materials and applications on request. The example in the picture illustrates a heat resistant mdf with painted outer carcass complete with hardwood teak slats.

Our radiator cabinets are supplied in and untreated finish state allowing you or your decorator to apply suitable finishes to match your interior space. Certain finishes are available on request direct from us.

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Choose between four styles of panel design

Radiator cabinet with diagonal style panel
Radiator cabinet with vertical style panel
Radiator cabinet with horizontal style panel
Radiator cabinet with hardwood slats
Radiator sizing

Measuring and sizing

We require three measurements from you in order to size and quote accurately for your radiator cabinet (see picture).

A. Measure from the outside of the widest point you are trying to cover (usually the radiator valves) this defines the width we require.
B. Next measure from the floor to the highest point of the radiator (often the main body of the radiator but on occasion there way be a top mounted valve that is higher).
C. Lastly, measure from the wall to the furthest point outwards.

Once we receive your measurements we can apply the required clearance in and material thicknesses in order to provide you a full outside width, height and depth measurement of the cabinet.

Please use the additional detail section to describe any potential restrictions surrounding your radiator that may prove problematic. Fear not however as we usually have a solution to even the most tricky situations!

Fixing the cabinet

In many situations, no fixings are required, but for simplicity of fitting, ease of use and access to your radiator valves when required, as standard we employ a French cleat hanging system. This allows an easy on/off fixing for your cabinet.

Delivery is available on request. WoodWRX delivery and installation is also available covering the below geographical area.


Live outside this area but need installation? Contact us to discuss options.


As an indication here are a range of prices for a bare 42″ height MDF radiator cabinet, complete with one of the three MDF panel options (in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal illustrations above).

Up to 3 foot width cabinet £185
Up to 4 foot width cabinet (single or double panel) £215
Up to 6 foot width cabinet (double panel) £260

If you have a challenging space, maybe a curved wall or an angular bay window radiator you need covered, get in touch – been there, done that and bought the t-shirt!

Elegant & practical transformation

Standard radiator
Radiator cabinet

Got something to hide? No more unsightly radiators and in this illustration we hide away an unused plug socket too!

A common reaction to the idea of a radiator cabinet is the fear that it reduces the heat. Worry not, we only use heat resistant MDF in the construction of our radiator cabinets and with the lower vent drawing in cool air and the top vent projecting the air into your room rather than running straight up your walls, our cabinets actually increase performance and provide potential savings.

Our cabinets come fully assembled due the the long lasting joinery methods employed. We don’t do flat packed at WoodWRX!

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