This journey actually started in 1995 when I gained funding from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust to help start my own woodwork business. I ran Wood Creations for around 6 years before wrapping things up through a debilitating rugby injury.

I’ve since been on a rollercoaster career journey including site and project management and eventually traversing into design and development running agencies and the like.

My name is Matt Clover and I started WoodWRX in 2022.
I hope you enjoy the work and available options I offer as much as I do. Welcome to the site.


Fast forward to 2022 where I seized an opportunity to move back to what I loved and missed. A rare opportunity and a second bite at the cherry that I hope to embrace and grab with both hands.

It is because of this and my love of all things design and wood that you will see the passion and love for every single piece of the work I produce.


WoodWRX is…

…a workshop created from passion and the perfect storm of the love of design, music and all things wood. A life long dream coming together to deliver outstanding, useful and unique furniture and accessories for the home and for the studio.

Being a relatively small entity I am able to connect to my customers and work with them to understand the exact requirements and deliver that something special!